We are excited and pleased to annouce that we are transitioning to a new brand and company My Desserts Diva™! 
We are still Southern Comfort Up Close providing all things Delicious, Wonderful and Authentically Divine! ​Join us as we take Our Vision to the next level! Stay tuned for our new website and upcoming updates with My Desserts Diva..sharing Desserts and Wisdom!™

Welcome to our gourmet dessert boutique website!

This dessert company takes great pleasure in providing fine desserts for every and any sweet tooth addiction. Each order will be packaged and sealed with care as relationships are built and based on value and integrity.

​Our Mission -

JBEL's Tastries is  commited to serving as the BEST Dessert Company to provide your dessert needs. What we do is not conventional. Our dessert selections are not conformed by societies trends, and though we aim to reach the masses, we will always focus on the value of authenticity integrity and creativity. We definitely set ourselves apart from the mainstream options for a sweet treat, which we also know will continue to pave the path to satisfied customers.

A few words about us

"no two any thing are exactly the same...we take pride in our desserts...and while we don't follow or pursue trends....we do understand the need for a quality product...great customer service...and an experience that will bring you back again...even if that's through someone who knows someone who told someone who told you."

~ Lynette Jefferies

​​​Southern Comfort  Up ​​ Close

best choice for all of your dessert needs